Beaches and Parks In Point Roberts, WA 98281

Beautiful Beaches and Parks

An extensive border survey in the Summer of 2012 revealed that 80% of people coming into Point Roberts leave in 15 minutes or less!  Only 5% stay more than an hour!

One great thing you can do to extend your visit is enjoy one of our parks! 

Stressed? We have zillions of rocks - come throw a few and take a pretty one home in your pocket if you like. 


Beaches and Parks

Go to the beach! We have 4 free public beaches, each one perfect for different activities during all four seasons.

These 4 Public Parks are maintained by Whatcom County and are free all year long.

Lighthouse Park - SW Corner

Lighthouse Park Beach is a lovely spot for dog walking, whale watching, picnics and photographing the beautiful islands, birds and gorgeous sunsets. The boardwalk is used for Point Roberts events.
Lighthouse Park is the best place to view the Orca whale pods that frequent the waters off Point Roberts on the West and South.

More Information About Lighthouse Marine Park

Picnic Areas, Restrooms and Grills At Lighthouse Park

Boundary Marker 1 USA Is the Monument in Monument Park!

Monument Park – NW Corner
Monument Park hosts the most NW boundary marker in the Continental United States. 
A trail through the woods leads to a fairly private beach with a South-West exposure for afternoon swims and picnics. Eagle watching, whale watching and seeing the activity at the Ferry Terminal and the Shipping port are some of the things PR residents and visitors enjoy here.

More Information About Monument Park

Maple Beach – NE Corner
Maple Beach is a favorite for sunbathing, swimming, skim-boarding and sand castle building. In the summer when the sand gets warm during low tide, the incoming water can be 80 to 90 degrees. Both Maple Beach and Lily Point Beach have great views of Mount Baker, following the path around the SW corner at Lighthouse Park you can sight this active volcano --- if it's not hiding.

More Information About Maple Beach

Maple Beach is best for swimming and skimboarding!

Lily Point has forest trails and a beautiful tide pool beach.

Lily Point Marine Park – SE Corner
Lily Point Beach is a rocky beach where a much wider variety of marine life can be observed. This is still important habitat for hatching sea creatures and fish and the health of beaches like this determines the variety and number of bigger fish and sea creatures later. Protecting it from polluted run-off from development up above is very important for the future of the Puget Sound (Salish Sea).

More Information About Lily Point Marine Park

Private Beaches – South Beach, Crystal Beach and parts of the beach between Lighthouse Park and Monument Park are private beaches that are shared by the neighborhoods.

South Beach

Public Parks

Playground at Point Roberts Primary School can be visited during off-school hours. 

These parks are administrated by the Point Roberts Parks District​

Point Roberts Skate Park (Central - recreational open space) - this is located next to the Fire Station on Benson Road.

A Baseball and Soccer (Football) field is located off of Benson Road, just past the Fire Station.

Point Roberts Primary School

Community Center and Library 

Basketball goal and playground are East of Community Center. 

Gulf Road Between Tyee and Marine Drive

Library and Community Center

We have 4 County parks that have beach access, 2 Community parks and several other beach access areas. Point Roberts beaches are rocky, but the Maple Beach and South Beach areas have large sand bars and are suitable for swimming and skimboarding.

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