Dolphin Watching from the beaches of Point Roberts, WA

Most people are familiar with dolphins, so we use that term here - but the majority of sightings here in Point Roberts are harbor/harbour porpoises. They are small, don't splash around and jump up as much as well known dolphin species, so we don't have much for photographs. 

Technically, Pacific White sided dolphins are documented in range here, but locals report seeing the porpoises. 

Here is a site with information and ranges of the cetaceans that frequent this area.

Below, we've got a video on identifying porpoises and dolphins from the

Cascadian Research Collective

Located In the very most northwest corner of Washington state, Point Roberts offers a unique and captivating experience for whale enthusiasts – the chance to witness these playful creatures from the comfort of the shoreline. While traditional whale watching tours are popular, the charm of Point Roberts lies in its scenic coastal views, making it an ideal spot for a serene and awe-inspiring encounter with marine life.

The Tranquil Beauty of Point Roberts

Point Roberts, a small exclave surrounded by the stunning waters of the Salish Sea, provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking seascapes, this hidden gem becomes a haven for those seeking a more intimate connection with nature. The pristine coastline and calm waters create an ideal setting for observing marine life, especially whales and occasionally porpoises, in their natural habitat.

Timing is Everything - They Set Their Own Pace and Schedule

Dolphins are among the most charismatic and beloved marine mammals. Known for their acrobatic displays and playful behavior, they are a joy to watch as they navigate the open waters. The Salish Sea is home to several species of dolphins, including the Pacific white-sided dolphin and the harbour or harbor porpoise.

Schools of up to 100 dolphins have been seen in recent years in the the boundary waters between the United States and Canada.

Best Strategy for Viewing and Photography

To maximize your chances of spotting dolphins, consider visiting some of Point Roberts' strategic viewing points. Lighthouse Marine Park and Monument Park are popular choices, offering unobstructed views of the sea. Pack a picnic, bring a pair of binoculars, and settle in for a day of relaxation and wonder as you scan the horizon for signs of marine life.

See Local Video and learn about the Language of Orca Whales

Lighthouse Marine Park : 811 Marine Drive

Respecting Wildlife from Afar

While the thrill of seeing whales and dolphins from shore is undeniable, it's crucial to prioritize the well-being of these creatures. Adhering to responsible wildlife viewing practices ensures minimal disruption to their natural behaviors. Keep a safe distance, avoid loud noises, and resist the temptation to approach them too closely. By respecting their space, you contribute to the conservation of these incredible animals.

A Memorable Experience Awaits

Point Roberts offers a rare and enchanting opportunity to witness whales in their natural habitat without the need for a boat. Whether you're an avid whale enthusiast or a casual nature lover, the beauty of this coastal enclave provides an unforgettable backdrop for a day of relaxation and awe-inspiring moments. Embrace the magic of the Salish Sea and let the gentle giants of the ocean create memories that will last a lifetime.

What you may see if a Harbour Porpoise comes by.

Harbour Porpoise

This is what Pacific White Sided Dolphins look like.

Pacific White SIded Dolphin

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