Neighbors helping neighbors using a small town, virtual bulletin board!

Instead of searching through posts at the community center or grocery store, check your inbox for important notices and other Community matters. 

There is a very small, annual fee to cover some of the administrative expense, but Pam goes over and above to check for spam posts, crooks and crazies. When items are sold or properties are rented, she sends notification, so you save time and clutter. 

Point ePost allows people to buy and sell items and post notices within the Point Roberts and Delta community.

For just $20 a year, you get a unique e-bulletin board service to buy, sell, giveaway items; as well as reaching out to the community for help and assistance for things like needing a ride, information, borrowing/sharing tools and etc…

Testimonials, policies and options for Corporate sponsorships and the 'tip jar' for larger items sold or rented, are on their site. Click the ad below or 'Learn A Bit More First'. 

HIGHLY recommended if you are new in town! 

Get Your Point Roberts Merch!

We learned to laugh a little more during the shut down, and this new line of clothing and home items are just a little salty! 

Clothing, dishes, blankets and hats with more items coming soon. 

Point Roberts Eagle themed items too... 

Unique, exclusive themed items help support Point Roberts Now operations. 

Community Sponsors

Call or Text 360.303.7368

Thank you Community Sponsors for your year-round support of Point Roberts. Our work together to provide information to visitors and potential residents is vital to the long-term success of our community.