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"Well as you know we're at the Lighthouse Marine Park in Point Roberts and we  accommodate about 300 people here. It's a wonderful spot as you can see surrounded by shore water. Easy access canoeing and water sports good. 

If they hadn't drawn a straight line across the 49th parallel this would be part of Canada and it's totally easy access as you know coming through today to this little five square mile Peninsula was seven miles of shore around it.

Unique in North America basically the sanity. It's quite calm and Serene and the natural beauty I mean you look around anywhere around here and it's just stupendous as far as what Mother Nature has given us.

Given the pricing and the Ambiance the lifestyle it's the best deal around. Yeah
absolutely come and take a look it is stupendous come to point Roberts's therapy."

Brian Calder -Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce

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